2016 Western Australian Circus Festival Saturday 23rd - Sunday 24th - Monday 25th January 2016

Mounâ (France-Belgium-Tunisia)

Perpetually searching for her direction, Mounâ seeks a path of boldness and determination. Self-acceptance is marvellous by any means.

Afraid to play the fool, she has to confront her worst fears and risk it all.

And quite frankly, that would not be funny.

Or would it?

Hyperactive and tired of being stuck in college, Mounâ dropped everything at 21 years old and decided to spend her life on stage, one year after falling in love with a plastic tube – aka the hula hoop. She stayed for a year as a free electron at the Lido, the Toulouse circus school, to train in dance, acrobatics and handstands. She joined the preparatory class of the Lyon circus school in 2012 before coming back to the Lido, this time as a vocational training student, where she continues to develop her technical and scenic research at the crossroads between hip-hop and object manipulation, theatre and clown.