The 2018 Western Australian Circus Festival is now over and plans for 2019 are underway.

Dates for the 2019 festival will be released soon.



Dr Reg Bolton Bar, Western Australian Circus Festival We love to keep you well fed and watered at the Western Australian Circus Festival so we ensure there are PLENTY of options no matter what your dietary requirements. Grease-loving carnivore, vego, vegan, paleo, gluten free, breatharian, we’ve got you covered. 


You could try

– Marinated kangaroo sirloin served in a crusty roll, with tomato vinaigrette, salad and outback sizzling grill sauce.

– Slow cooked pulled lamb served in a crusty roll, with tomato vinaigrette, salad and outback sizzling grill sauce.

– Crumbed marinated portobello mushroom burger, with grilled zucchini, tomato vinaigrette, salad, feta and outback sizzling grill sauce

– Gourmet bacon & egg burgers with home made aioli & Bombay chutney

– Moroccan miso & lentil soup (perfect for when it gets cold at night)

– Woodfired pizzas 

– Spanish beans and egg (chorizo optional) 

– Crispy squid with chips and amaaaaazing salads

Or how about a kebab, a hamburger, a fish burger, a tofu burger, hot chips or a German bratwurst? Or roasted corn and pretzels? Or nachos, burrito quesadilla, buffalo wings or chilli con carne? Or a savoury crêpe?

We have breakfast covered too – do you like the sound of homemade almond, date & coconut muesli with probiotic vanilla yogurt?

Plus we have seaweed. If you get a hankering for seaweed during the festival you can just munch on down.


For dessert you could choose 

– A chocolatey, creamy crêpe

– Custom made real fruit ice cream as well as lots of other types of icecream 

– Fruit sorbets

– Raw vegan desserts



There are heaps of drinks options 

– Coffee, coffee and coffee (Espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, flat white, iced etc – soy milk available)

– Chai tea, herbal tea, green tea, normal tea (maybe), your mum’s sister is your arn tea

– Hot chocolate, iced chocolate, white hot chocolate, chai latte

– Smoothies & milkshakes

– Fresh juices

– Soft drinks

– The world’s best homemade kombucha & coconut water.


And so many bars

– Bootleg beer AND cider on tap, including our very own Lunar Lager, brewed especially for the Western Australian Circus Festival

– Red wine, white wine, bubbles

– Spirits to keep your spirits soaring into the night

– Cocktails

[All served by the spunky guys and gals from the circus]