The 2018 Western Australian Circus Festival will start on Australia Day Friday 26th January for 3  days until Sunday 28th January.

Mariano Rocco (Argentina)

A theatrical, multifaceted aerial ring piece written and performed by Argentian Circus artist, and 2017 graduate of world renowned French circus school, Le Lido.

A highly skilled technical piece which is equally a poignent, yet humorous depiction of a series of characters, exploring various cultural taboos, from loneliness, to obesity and religion.

At what point does something violent, even tragic, become funny?

Going beyond the superficial, we are allowed to use laughter to in the form of a fun house mirror, a tool to allow us to reflect, but which is equally warped and comic, on why that which is taboo is controversial in the first place, and how the personal values we hold affect the way on which we receive the piece- after all, we can all acknowledge that we react more strongly to situations which affect us personally. Its important to know that we can comment on these things, and that we can do so with great humanity.