2016 Western Australian Circus Festival Saturday 23rd - Sunday 24th - Monday 25th January 2016

David Eriksson Pink on the Inside – Sweden


David Eriksson, Western Australian Circus Festival I wanted to do a show about what really matters; so I made a show about myself. I wanted to do a show that told the truth; so I told the truth about myself. Pink on the inside is quite simple. I look like one person but keep another person hidden inside. Most of us do. We hide what is on the inside because we are afraid it will make us look weak, stupid and wrong.  We do it to protect ourselves. We worry about what people will think or say about us. We hide our inside to avoid consequences and explanations. But sometimes, we tear down the facade and it is only when we finally expose ourselves we can see how strong we really are.

It is also a show about tricks, energy and really really good music. “Pink on the inside” has it all and I am very proud to have created this piece of work.

…and it contains food. I love food!