Here are some of the acts we’ve got lined up for 2017, there’s loads more live music and other fun stuff not listed!.

See you here in Karnidale!

The International Spectacular


Fabian Galouye - Diabolo Frankreich






  • Witty Look (Japan)

Guinness world record holders and the former unicycle world champion! Witty Look are the pinnacle of talent and the prime comedy unicycle show in the world today.


  • Josa and Bellina (Berlin)

A unique and jaw-dropping duo trapeze act. Spectacular, dynamic, daring. One of the finest in the world.


  • Marc Dorffner (Germany)

Balanced on the floor or high up on a free standing ladder, juggling with the hearts of the audience.


  • Praxis (Spain)

They’re back! This time with their duo hand to hand acrobatics. Awesome.


  • Fabian (France)

Diabolo as you have most certainly never seen before! Poetry, acrobatics, dance and fluidity.